Fiorio specialties

Ospitalità e gusto nella tradizione. Eccellenza e qualità artigianale

Recipe of Bicerin

Cavour was a glutton and he loved those “mixture of delicious things” which were amalgamated and called “bicerin” (the little glass containing the drink is called “bicerin” in Piedmont dialect.) It is hard to produce a standard recipe for bicerin. It is coffee mixed with cream and chocolate but there are no precise doses. Every coffee cook had their own way of preparing it, in a way so as to add a personal touch.

Fiorio, the Ice Cream Parlor

Fiorio is well-known as an ice cream parlor since ever. And it is also famous for its artisan production of deserts, which has been a touchstone for other cafés in Turin. What makes Fiorio’s ice cream so tasty, so special? Its old recipes for sure, but also some innovations. There is something that remained a secret for a long time, but it is no longer a secret, so we can reveal it now. In 1945, the war was ending. There was scarcity of fresh milk, so to deal with this emergency, help was sought from a special client, an American commander. A few days later, the commander showed up with a van full of condensed milk. “What had to be done?” wondered the people working at Fiorio. They tried to mix it with the little bit of fresh milk they still had and the result was an ice cream with unexpected creaminess and a special taste. The clientele appreciated it so much that it was decreed to be an absolute success. Even today, the formula of our ice cream includes adding a percentage of condensed milk into fresh milk.

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Gelati Fiorio

Via Po, 8 Torino 10121
+39 011 817 3225

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